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:: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 ::

well my days have pratically been turned into a routine of waking up late, heading over to touch studio, spending 9 hours there, coming home late or occasionally crashing over at josh's house and then waking up and doing the same routine again...i'm not complaining or anything, being in the studio is always fun and definitely loud, but sometimes, doing nothing and waiting around even tires me out more than actually doing some work, fortunately i've done all my basic guitar tracks and i don't think i need to be there almost 24/7...recording has been doing excellent, martijn is definitely a magician in his own field...we've wasted about 3 days in the beginning of the project doing mostly nothing, equipments keep dying on us and nobody knows how to fix it...it's official, we do have the worst of luck...fortunately, we've recovered the G4 mac after it litterally blew up on us (yes, smokes and sparks, the whole shabang) and since then recording has been doing smoothly and we're back on track again, still a bit paranoid about computer explosions, but at least we're actully getting some work done...after spending over a week of just being in a soundproof room filled with fancy gadgets and a bunch of rockstars, it's always nice to come out and play and socialise...we took the sunday off for our show at the Uncle Joe CD release party, which was probably the best rock show ever to hit this town in a long while...everything was just smooth, well organised and the belles of the ball were tight...the turn out and the atmosphere was also a big factor why the whole show was a success, i'm definitely proud to be somehow part of something so good as that...

anyways, here's some few snap shot from the studio and the UJ party:

uncle joe release party

daily sessions at touch studio

audio :: foo fighters - one by one
:: ephraim 2:08:00 AM [+] ::
:: Sunday, September 07, 2003 ::
it's called friendster, and it's my new niche...if your still wondering why i haven't been updating this lame blog, it's because this blogger vanity is sooo 2002 compared to this friendster hype...so sign up now if your still not on it, add me to your list so you can boost my ego, err i mean friends list...by the way, i was going to apologise for slacking on updates but i realised this my site, my space, my rules...too bad kiddos. ha

anyhoos, 2 more days to go before we start recording for a new release...it's been awhile since we've done any recording, so we're all very excited about mocking around studio equipments and wasting precious studio time while getting no work done...tomorrow, i will be picking up our studio magic - Martijn Groeneveld, who's name i don't even have a slight clue how to pronounce right...he'll be flying in all the way from Holland and i'll be picking him up from the airport tomorrow morning to get him settled in for a HongKong experience...wish us the best, it's gonna be a wild time...the records that this martijn guy produced are amazing, it's gonna be exciting to hear our end product...even better is to hear stories coming from a real dutch from amsterdam, i'll leave it to your imagination. ha

anyways, buddhistson finally put out some fresh photos on their site from our last tour from shima's camera...pretty nice pics of some pretty nice boys (and a few girls)...click away here to see...

audio :: envy - a sad sinking story

:: ephraim 11:42:00 PM [+] ::