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:: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 ::

goodness gracious, when was the last time i touched this website??!

..anyhoos, i'm still alive and hanging in there...tired, beaten and practically dragging my zombie sleepless body around all day cos of a very special (and tiring!) last few days i've had with our japanese rock sensation friends, who came in town for a rock n' roll weekend...the buddhistson crew got here in town late thursday night, packed with their fancy digital cameras and tourist excitement, these guys were definitely ready for a hk experience...we played 3 awesome shows with them under their 5 days here, including the the much anticapated Rockit festival during saturday and sunday, which was a hit in town by the way...it was mucho sweetness seeing buddhistson on stage again and hanging out with them, they're no doubt an amazing band and great guys that makes an impact everywhere they play by blowing the crowd away...it was also special this time cos they actually got to meet and hang out with our friends and i had the real pleasure of taking some of them all around town for the magical places of sightseeing and crazy shopping bargains, trying to pay them back the hospitality they've given us before, hope i did alright. ha...anyways, they left for home today and now we're all pretty much in deppression mode again (well, at least me), i miss them all...our weekend of rock n roll has come and go pretty darn fast leaving us to another normal crappy weekday...bummer dude...anyhoos, shameless plug: this friday, amnesia - soho, 10:30, $100 cover charge for the almighty electric eel shock halloween showcase with whence he came, uncle joe and oliver....come one come all...

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