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:: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 ::

some photos from my trip to the philippines and the starsailor show/press conference last week...

::whence he came and starsailor::

::a week in pinoyland::

sorry if the pics came out to big or messy...i'm too lazy to fix it all up...

audio :: my new mix

:: ephraim 1:02:00 AM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 ::
alrighty...just finsihed packing my bags...i'm off to pinoyland (philippines) tomorrow for a short stint, i should be back next week just in time for Starsailor's (UK) arena rockshow in HK...we're scheduled to be opening up for them..shameless plug...hope to see some of you guys there...

i made a new mix...mostly songs that came out and i've been enjoying from this past year -

::ephraim's 03 hitlist::
Mew – why am I wry? No
Further seems forever – the sound
Bandwagon – sparkle
Death cab for cutie – the new year
Buddhistson – cold oxygen
The spirit that guides us – deep and unanswered
The jealous sound – the fold out
Reach up to the universe – faster, mistake
Uncle Joe – you and me
The postal service – the district sleeps alone tonight
The Gloria record – I was born in Omaha
Radiohead – sit down, stand up
This beautiful mess – don’t go there
Last days of april – slow down
Wilco – heavy metal drummer
The strokes – 12:51
Reggie and the full effect – congratulation smack and katy
The mars volta – eriatarka

i'll see some of you guys in a week's time...l8er, sk8er boi...

audio - newer whc mixes from martijn of utrecth

:: ephraim 10:19:00 AM [+] ::