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:: Thursday, January 30, 2003 ::

audio :: whence he came demo

done, done, on the next one...yay...so the whence he came demo is finished...i'm actually listening to it right now and i'm already getting sick of hearing the same old songs almost everynight but i'm pretty happy of the whole production...it actually sounds pretty slick for a rough demo and considering that we did all the music live - it's not bad at all...

so i'm currently employed part time these days...i'm actually "at work" (it still feels funny typing that) right now, i'm currently working as a music studio tech/assistant...basically just taking care of a recording studio, listening to music all day, playing around with the rad equipments they have and dealing with rowdy rock and roll clients...my first day today - how ironic, just when the working class takes a break for chinese new year, the slacker goes to work...kung hei fat choi, kids...have a good one...

:: ephraim 8:23:00 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 ::
audio :: buddhistson - yes, but i'm alive

another crapppy show tonight...accckkk...we were so stupid to say yes to a gig were it's suppose to be a "dinner party", i should've known better...basically we just played for a couple of university students who were sitting down and having dinner (!!??) if it wasn't for the fact that it was all for charity, we would've backed out a long time ago...anyways, it was cool to see that some of our friends bothered to make it there to see and support us...my highlight of the show was seeing uncle joe again...this time, not behind the drumset...seing them with their new celebrity drummer, jun kung was pretty intense...he is defnitely the right octupus for their music...anyways, so seeing that it was a dinner party and there was free food there, i decided to not eat before our set cos nothing is worse than having a bad stomach while your rocking it, i even announced it on the mic to save me some food cos i haven't had some yet, but by the time we were done, there was nothing left to gobble except for cold spaghetti and a few fish cutlets....bastards...why did we even played this show....

What's your Inner European?

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:: ephraim 11:02:00 AM [+] ::
:: Sunday, January 26, 2003 ::
audio :: sparta - wiretap scars

blahhhhh...so our set last night at soundcheck was horrible...gosh...it was definitely the first time in so long where i just wanted to finish the sloppy set and just get off the stage just to save myself from further embarassment. ha...i managed to break a string, and so did joel on his bass, and even mr drummer extraordinaire - stephane cracked open his own snare skin right in the middle of our closing song, way the go to end it indeed...blah...total equipment damage after last night : 1 guitar string, 1 bass string, a snare skin and 4 sticks...definitely the first time something like that ever happened under a 30 minutes set...oh well, we still managed to have fun and had a laugh at it after, and fortunately for me, i had another chance to redeem myself to even play better for the lovesong on the same show...after playing a much tighter set for the lovegang, err. i mean lovesong, it did feel good in the end...

anyways, my weekend has been fun and entertaining, extra entertaining actually...thanks to our all-time favorite "jokka" who's back in town - ryan coyle, our good christian morals and manners have been thrown outta the window...boytime, crude jokes and redneck accents...yay for all of them...

:: ephraim 10:39:00 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, January 23, 2003 ::
audio :: open hand - the dream

A different quiz, what strange type of person are you?

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just got back from the barber shop and had my first haircut after 5 months, after much mirror gazing and consideration, i finally decided to just go for it...feels kinda funny that my ears are visible again...goodbye longer hair, hello ears...anyways, my dad bought this fake dvd of lord of the rings - two towers and i was blown away how excellent the copy was...it was probably a stolen copy of a consideration tape...gosh, do REALLY do have everything in mong kok huh?...

well our mixing session last night went okay...shame we didn't get to finish one song yet, but everything is sounding very well so far...it's been taking a long process than what we expected, so this thing better sounds edible in the end...we'll be going in again tomorrow night to hopefully do more work...alright, something to entertain my viewers...mr indie poseur, nic posted it at the far east message board, pretty clever and hilarious...bush bush bush, you've been badddddd...

:: ephraim 12:47:00 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 ::
audio :: milemarker - anaesthetic

i finally saw 8 mile last night...i'd hate to admit it, but i did enjoy it...i'm not really an eminem fan or let alone a hip hop listener, but man, those mc battles we're awesome...definitely the highlight of the film...and as much as i don't like eminem, he did a good job at acting, he seems pretty natural in front of the camera and all...so anyways, my agenda for today is to just go to the studio later and do some mixing...but first, i gotta listen to those eminem cds that my brother owns. ha

in closing, to those who haven't seen this...you better...a real real mc battle in the states between a chinese "dawg" and a black dude...kick ass, sebast...

:: ephraim 11:42:00 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, January 19, 2003 ::
audio :: U2 - all that you can't leave behind

any of you guys heard the new songs from further seems forever's upcoming album how to start a fire??..anyways check it out and see what you think, i don't know yet if i'm convinced enough to like it as the earlier release..so anyways, another long weekend passed by and wasted it by doing all sorts of stuff like playing pool, going to a b-day party and keeping the social life ball rolling...on a lighter side, we went back to studio last night to re-do some demo tracks that we've trying to actually happen for the last century...after last night, there was definitely much progress...the guitar sounds much better and we definitely had more energy compared to the sorry-lifeless tracks we tried to nail last week...we'll be coming back again tonight to do some more work and maybe re-record one song, cos it was being a biatch to track last night...anyways, don't really have much to blog about now, the foo fighters are on channel v right now, looks like a live show, interesting...i'm too distracted to type now...have a good day...

what's YOUR deepest secret?

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:: ephraim 11:47:00 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday, January 16, 2003 ::
audio :: mineral - power of failing

alright, played my last free trial game on blaster ball and i beated my own record...204160, 5 one ups and 7 lives to spare in the end...OHHH YEAH BABY...SHHWEET LIKE BUTTA...(you can tell i have far too much time on my hand right now)...

...if your reading the flyer...you should be there...25 january, 7 pm, german-swiss international school...

:: ephraim 11:44:00 PM [+] ::
audio :: elliot smith - figure 8

i am the king of blaster ball!...148730 points, 10 levels under 3 lives...EAT IT, BABY!!...(dangit, only 3 free trial games left...aaah well)...

...village people, eat your heart out...and yes ladies, we're both single...shamless-tasteless self promotion...

:: ephraim 9:46:00 AM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 ::
audio :: none

sleeping never felt so much better after last night...well, i had a real productive day yesterday, woke up pretty late and decided to go to uncle joe's studio to check out their recording adventures...so i left the house to meet ben in kowloon tung...grabbed my guitar and gear, much to my expectations, i thought whc was going to the studio last night...but unfortunately, mr drummer extraordinaire, stephane had injured his thumb..so nope, no recording for 1 week...but i found about the cancellation just right after i got to freakin' fanling (yes, almost china!!), where the studio is located...it was definitely not worth the trip with heavy gear on me, so that was a waste...so anyways, i got there listened to what they've been working on and wow, everything just blew me away...i pretty much know most of their songs, but when i heard it recorded, everything just sounded fresh to me...their drummer for the record, jun kung did an excellent job putting new dynamics to their songs and their engineer, dan burton from the indie rock sensation - early day miners did an awesome job putting the intensity and tightness of the band on a record...everything just sounds so perfect, drum mix, guitar sound and even a trumpet appearance from pretty boy joel deerwester himself...no doubt boys and girls, this is something everyone should be looking forward to...so anyways, while i was at the studio, the uj boys kindly enough invited me to do some guitar tracks and some backing vocals...that was fun...so we left the studio at a pretty late hour...the boys dropped me off in kowloon tung, not knowing that trains have stopped running...shoot...so i walked and walked till i got to mongkok to get my midnight mini bus...note-to-self: walking with heavy musical equipments alone at night is never fun...and that is why sleeping never felt so much better after last night...

this just shows how much of a rockstar i really am...now go and check out josh's blog to see some more great photos...

:: ephraim 1:40:00 AM [+] ::
:: Monday, January 13, 2003 ::
audio :: this beautiful mess - falling on deaf ears

What guitar are you?

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...so i woke up pretty late today witha sore stiff neck and had a very unproductive day...yay for mondays...i had a good sleep though if your wondering...i was planning to go to uncle joe's recording adventures in their studio in fanling today, but obviously my neck injury and my usual slacker-monday nature took over, and thus i stayed home and watched "trapped" on dvd...boring if you ask me...ohhh, one thing that made my day though was this package that greeted me when i opened our door...it was package all the way from norway from my friend mona, she sent me a few norwegian sjokolade bars (that's chocolate for you all who are culturaly challenged. ha) and a special handmade card...so precious...totally made my day...i opened one of them today, namely called "new energy" (weird name for a choco bar, i know) and wahlau...highly recommendable...better than girls, err i mean real food...

by the way, my partner in crime josh wong, the lovely young man with special needs featured below has joined the very vain world of blogging...go here and harass him...sorry ginette, but i really had to steal that photo..hehe

:: ephraim 4:22:00 AM [+] ::
:: Sunday, January 12, 2003 ::
audio :: ephraim's new mix

well well well...swell swell swell...so sarah beth left for good to oregon last saturday, i had the previledge to take her to the airport and even got hang out for a bit with her one last time before she boarded...it was very special indeed...i miss her badly...i was so nostalgic the whole weekend everytime i see familiar places and random things that reminds me of her...***sigh...goodbyes are never pretty...

perfect soundtrack for farewells :: manhattan skyline - kings of convenience

so anyways, my weekend has been chee seen...i'm half dead while i write this lame blog, i just got back from the studio after laying down some tracks with my boys from whc...but even before that, we did an "interesting" show that even makes us wonder what we were doing there...basically we played the "wanchai street party"...it was a cool festival/street party actually...they closed off one entire block right in the middle of the red light district in wanchai...so basically we we're playing to drunkards, sleazy club regulars and a few friends who we invited to come...interesting indeed...we we're so out of place in an event like that, most of the bands that played were cover bands...their all tight, but nothing impressive or special really, your just doing someone else's song...cover bands = booo...unless your doing a guns n roses song, then mucho love to you in that case...

:: ephraim 10:31:00 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, January 09, 2003 ::
audio :: unwed sailor - the faithful anchor

another weekend is just around the corner...but yesterday was a good day...went out to lamma island with sarah beth yesterday, i promised to take her around before she leaves for good tomorrow...i just realised that i've only been to lamma once...i keep confusing all these outlaying islands from each other...but anyways, i never really thought i would enjoy nature trails and things that miss nature girl - sarah would consider fun, but i have to admit i did enjoy the whole 3 hours of hiking around the island...i guess one major factor would be the weather which was absolutely at it's best yesterday...sunny with your favorite cold winter air breezing in your face...perfection...props to God for picking the perfect weather...so we walked and walked and walked, talked talked and more talk, took snap shots and posed like models, went to weird freaky muddy caves and got my new shoes looking like real "classics" (who wears new shoes to hiking anyways?? way the go, genius) - went to hilltops to enjoy the winter breeze and once, i even got to scare the socks out of sarah beth by jumping behind her, thinking i was the dog that was following us around...so after all the wackiness, we decided to head back town...had dinner at central, then i met up with the boys for our weekly dose of band practise, which is very necessary for all the shows we have ahead...well, i had a good day...i had a good sleep...

something for the ladies:

a charming picture of me with 2 studling young singaporean twin models...props to johnC...big up yourself...

:: ephraim 8:46:00 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 ::
audio :: american football - s/t

what is up with the weather these days??!!...brrrr...i've been freezing my touchee lately...i rrruve it!!...anyways, sent off my sister to the airport this morning...i feel bad for the girl, sick and flying is never a good combination...on the other hand, i'm kinda annoyed that she took some of my cds to supposedly "give it some airplay on the radio" as part of her university course...pffft..i don't even know how i got suckered into that...must be the sick puppy eyes...anyways, i made a new mix and gave her a copy before she jet outta here:

ephraim's new mix
mark it a zero - brandtson
if you don't, don't - jimmy eat world
into your arms - starmarket
life companion, murphy's law - last days of april
don't let it fade - sunday's best
company calls epilogue - deathcab for cutie
yellow light means slow down not stop - logh
never meant - american football
the ghost of what should've been - owen
this ruined puzzle - dashboard confessional
say yes - elliot smith
boring enormous - paul westerberg
manhattan skyline - kings of convenience
under the milky way - at the close of everyday
relative ways - and you will know us by the trail of the dead
what if oslo really fails - the spirit that guides us

what do you think??...well at least it's been keeping me entertained, sarah beth leaves in 4 days, maybe i'll make her a copy...and you know what else keeps me entertained, my new toy...thanks to josh and father christmas...

:: ephraim 3:31:00 AM [+] ::
:: Sunday, January 05, 2003 ::
audio :: blindside - silence

another monday...yuck...anyways, another weekend jets by really quick when you do enjoy yourself...went up to my youth group on saturday and greeted my friends a happy new year, after not getting to celebrate new years with them...i even managed to to catch some friends and say my farewells before they go back to universities overseas...sunday on the other hand was a long day, i overslept cos i geniusly set my alarm an hour late and so i had to brave the cold shower and blaze outta house just to get to worship team practise...needless to say i was very late, again...the rest of the day was basically spent hanging around causeway bay, bumming around josh's house and watching simpson's episodes, and going over to our favorite spot on the waterfront while braving the cold winter breeze at a very late hour...got home very late and half dead, blahh...the silly things i do just to be with friends...and the silly thing they do just to be with me:)...i lurve weekends...

:: ephraim 9:49:00 PM [+] ::
:: Saturday, January 04, 2003 ::
audio :: jimmy eat world - clarity

How can I label you?

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...better than being labelled "emo"...

:: ephraim 11:03:00 AM [+] ::
:: Friday, January 03, 2003 ::
audio :: owen - the ghost of what should've been

...a new year, a new race, a new face...welcome everyone to your new year and to DAYS I HAD WITH YOU ver.02...after a long period of stagnation with the last blog i had (which kept screwing the sanity in me), i decided to just start fresh, and what better time to do it than now...

so what's ephraim been up to?? how am i doing you ask?? well to be honest, nothing much...i'm still hopeless romantic, slacking here and there once in awhile, and still damn pretty as ever:)...i just came back last night from a rockin trip to singapore with whence he came...i must say, this last tour was definitely been more memorable than our first trip there last year...after playing 2 sweaty/loud/hip shows in singaland, me, josh and our roadie extraordenaire - sarah beth decided to stay longer for 4 days to hang out with our friends and spend the new years with some of them...that was really special...i could go on forever about our time there but i'll let some pictures do the talking...anyways, my good friend johnC took some great photos of the 2 shows we played in and the nye party we went to...follow the link for a good old chuckle...

alright, enough ranting for the first entry of the year...i'll just leave you my list of the "EPHRAIM'S BEST OF 2002" (in random order as usual)

lord of the rings : the two towers
whc singapore tour
the amazing race 3
source tags and codes - and you will know us by the trail of the dead
whc japan tour
eastern moments :: western skies show
yankee hotel foxtrot - wilco
jon lee out, stephane wong in
180 trip to shanghai
a beautiful mind
the californian - sunday's best
seeing buddhistson in action in kashiwa
"the lonely road" acoustic ver
everytime the bell rings, an angel gets his wings - logh
christmas eve show at the convention centre
180 christmas party
world cup 2002
new years eve
brandtson live in hongkong
anti-article 23 march
control - pedro the lion
helicopter ride around hongkong

...as for new years resolution, sarah beth suggested that i should start paying more attention when someone is talking to me, i wasn't sure if that's excatly what she said...i wasn't paying much attention...

:: ephraim 8:46:00 AM [+] ::