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:: Wednesday, June 11, 2003 ::

yes, i have been procastrinating with the updates, yes i am a slacker...

i just got home from a rockstar soundcheck for our show this friday at the the hk academy of performing arts, very big venue, lavish...a little shameless plug there if you noticed, *hint hint...anyways, i'm really hoping we'll be able to pull off a much better show than what we did last week at hard rock cafe...yecck, just even thinking back about it makes me shiver...it was hell loose on us with tech problems, but enough with the details, this coming friday should be great...

anyways, you'll probably wondering what i've been doing with my sorry life lately...well, work is still slow even though SARS is gone, which i'm really hoping for it to pick up again anytime now, work that is...so i've been devoting myself with hang outs and some other band stuff more often...but on a good note, i found a new addiction (actually a few) and they come in dvd boxes...namely, 24, the family guy and of course, the mighty mighty CSI...pretty sad?? maybe, but highly entertaining indeed. ha...i've been watching this with my partner in crime and most of the time downloading them off kazaa like the loser that i am...i'm actually proud (or sad) to say that i' ve actually seen the first 2 season of family guy and most of the recent ones...gosh, i need a life, i'm bragging about cartoons episodes i've seen...i'm starting to sound like a star trek geek...

anyways, here's another plug for a show we're putting up next week...hope some of you faithful viewers will be able to make it...it'll be a fun night...peh-peh-peace kids....

audio :: starmarket - song of songs

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