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:: Monday, July 28, 2003 ::

back to another dreadful monday, weekends passed by pretty quick as usual...we had our first show last friday after coming back on tour at hk city u - it went horrible. ha...i don't think it's because we kept having tech probs as usual, but it was because the sound coming out of the speakers were just horribly ugly...hk shows desperately needs help, gosh, don't even get me started how organisers usually put 10 bands on the bill in just one night thinking it's like some music festival or something...sheesh...thank goodness uncle joe was there to keep me entertained and it was definitely a lot of fun rocking it with ben on bass for us
...anyways, saturday kicked off pretty smoothly as 180 had it's first session at the fringe, one of hk's biggest house of art and music and definitely one of the coolest place to be in:)...it went amazingly well, full packed house, worship went well and andy g delivered a great message...all in all great night, it was just wierd finishing up early while the sun was still up and not knowing what to do on an early saturday night...anyways, here's some photos from last friday's show:

backstage rockers itching to play

auditioning for jackass

red is the new black

uncle joe

whence he came

audio :: uncle joe full lenght pre release

:: ephraim 12:24:00 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 ::
i just finished watching 24 season 1 on dvd today, and intense it was, indeed...took me about 3 days just to finish the last half of the dvd set...it's so easy to get hooked on the programme and forget about things that i have to do for the day...anyways, life has been pretty slow since coming back on tour, i never realised how boring and slow life was for me when i'm in normal mode...staying at home alone gets too depressing and going to work just plain sucks. ha...anyways, i'm still kinda gutted that we weren't on baybeats fest in singapore this last weekend...it would've been a riot going over there with buddhistson right after our japan tour and hang out with singa friends and see some awesome bands...acckkk, we were so stupid enough to actually turn down an amazing offer like that, partially because we couldn't get our act or a bass player together...oh well, i'm still very happy that it went amazingly well for our friends in singaland, but i still wish i was there to see the gloria record in action...ah well


anyways, here's a good week for you all...hope your all enjoying the hk summer heatwave, cos i certainly am not...

audio :: bandwagon - the archive ep

:: ephraim 2:24:00 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, July 17, 2003 ::
yup...back in hongkong already, got back late monday night and spent most my days resting...the japan trip was basically effin amazing, best tour i've done, period...we've met so many cool people, seen amazing band, not to mention, toured with the best band – buddhistson, and even managed to come back empty handed with merch...amazing indeed...at the end of it, we were all dead and tired but we weren't ready to go...i really miss being in japan with my friends there right now and also missing the experience of living with a large group of people, far much better than waking up alone to an empty house...oh well...anyways, they say that pictures paints thousand words, so here's few to show you guys what we've been up to in okashi land...there's more pics and you can skim to the the tour diary on the whence he came site...

big thanks to yuki sato (next to josh) for those amazing live shots

audio :: buddhistson - cold oxygen

:: ephraim 11:57:00 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 ::
konichiwa guys...i'm having a blast here while on tour in japan...we've got an amazing response this time around compared to the last tour and we're selling out merch pretty fast like hot cookies...anyways, just to let you know i won't be having much time to update this blog, and when i do have the time, i couldn't be bothered since i'd rather sleep than stare at a computer monitor. ha...anyways, you guys should just check out the whence he came site and read through the tour diary and check out the daily photo updates to see what we've been up to everyday, i usually write down the entry there or josh sometimes...hope your having a good day, four shows down and five more shows to go for us and we're already suffering from cold and flu, sore throat, muscle pains and especially getting sick of each other:)...i'm out for now...

soundtrack for the tour
last days of april - ascend to stars
guns and roses - use your illusion 2
and you will know us by the trail of the dead -source tags and codes
the strokes - is this it
the spirit that guides us - the sand, the barrier
wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot
radiohead - hail to the thief
the pet series vol. 2
jimmy eat world - clarity
further seems forever - how to start a fire
kings of convenience - quiet is the new loud

:: ephraim 7:33:00 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 ::
21 days since i last updated...gosh, that's gotta be some record breaker...well i do have a good excuse though...this last 3 weeks have been insanely pretty hectic and busy for me, probably the busiest i've been all year long...it all started with the eastern moments western skies show, which turned out to be a success by the way...i spent a full week before the show finalising and doing the dirty work such as getting sound equipments, stage, lights, etc...i was definitely grateful that i had friends who were more than willing to help us out and made the night really enjoyable...right after the show, another obstacle to tackle...joel, the mystery guy on bass for whence he came, decided he won't be coming on tour with us to japan 2 weeks before we shoot to leave...thus, it made me and josh pull out ideas from our desperate butts and called out random friends who would be willing to go on a summer adventure with us...to make the story short, we did end up finding someone to help us out...but in the end, it wasn't working well, the guy ditched me twice to learn the songs, it was hard to get hold of the guy with his schedule and don't even get me started with me running around since last week to get his japanese visa working...anyways, since things don't seem to be moving forward and the fact that we're leaving in less than 5 days, we decided to make a back up plan, a plan c or an escape hatch if you will...we met up with another aquintance who seems to be more willing to come and even more than willing to learn our songs, so we met him last night, he learned 5 songs in 2 hours but it gets better, he's half japanese and speakes the language, he doesn't need a visa and he's got a free ticket, props to josh's dad and his magical mileage points...so obviously we found a better guy for the job, but to make things more dramatic, robs, our first guy for the job called us and he said that everything is in place now and he's good to fly down with us this thursday!!...anyways, in the end we just decided to ask robs to step down on bass due to practicality but still come on tour with us as a roadie or something since he's got a free ticket and nothing to lose anyways...yes, a little sweet talking does work you know...

so that has been my life this last few weeks to sum it up in 10 sentences...

yes, me and josh have been through hell (and lost some serious cash) just to get this band on tour...lots of up and downs, actually more downs:)...but i am more than excited to rock it out and go on an adventure this thursday, cos i know all the trouble will defintely make it more worthwhile and rewarding...anyways, do wish us the best and do keep us in your prayers, it's going to be a hell of a trip, a summer of love if you will...till the next update kiddos...

audio :: radiohead :: hail to the thief

:: ephraim 1:23:00 AM [+] ::