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:: Friday, January 30, 2004 ::

well another chinese new year has come and go...i for one had a good time, even though i only received the standard of 4 red packets...mostly from strangers at josh's chinese new year house party...sheesh, i need to hang out with more chinese married couples. ha...anyhoos, nothing much has been new...we had a show a few nights ago, i'd say that'd be my highlight for the moment...it's been in awhile since we played and it really felt good playing again...we've got few more shows coming up, which is pretty exciting for me to say the least...for the mean time, he're something to keep you ladiesss warm during these cold winter nights that we're having lately...expect another 10 weeks of no updates as usual. ha...enjoy the lovegetty pics...yeah baby, we're so hot....and so hairless *sigh*...

mp3 of the week :: Mr T's cult classic 80's hit - treat your mother right (have a good laugh, i sure did)

audio :: copeland - beneath medecine tree

:: ephraim 9:20:00 AM [+] ::
:: Saturday, January 03, 2004 ::
best of 2003

re-opening this vain blog
starsailor in HK
de-loused in the comatarium - the mars volta
8 mile
whc recording
yes but i'm alive - buddhistson
the michael jackson interviews
bob and amy's wedding
rolling stones at harbour fest
ascend to stars - last days of april
rockit festival
give up - the postal service
uncle joe release party
hail to the thief - radiohead
heart banck day/japan tour 03
buddhistson in HK
joel deerwester out, ken mimasu in
philippines trip
temper the wind to the shorn lamb - this beautiful mess
180 at the fringe
matrix revolutions
eastern moments western skies ver.02
24 season 2
the equipment!!! - bandwagon
turned 22 and still don't know what to do
lord of the rings - return of the king
room on fire - the strokes
a sad sinking story - envy

...happy new year everyone!!!

reading :: the hipster handbook (<-- deck as ef!)

:: ephraim 1:28:00 AM [+] ::