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:: Saturday, July 17, 2004 ::

japan was awesome and now we've reach singapore...so greetings from the land of laksa and uber hot humid...we just played our set yesteday at baybeats fest, which went well i thought - i really enjoyed it...the festival has been fun so far and it's been great to hang out with all our singaporean friends that we've met through out the past few visits here, and with the buddhistson crew...the only kicker is that most of us has been plagued with cold and flu and annoying sore throats due to restless nights, so i'm pretty much drained and drowsy most of the time cos of the medecines i've been taking...add the hot sunny weather and the laid back atmosphere here in singapore, and you'll find me just wanting to do nothing or dosing off most of the time...unfortunate sleep or a good night rest has been something none of us has been getting enough, but oh well, we all still get by...random story - we went to a after show party last night were we met the guys from last days of april from sweden, we talked to the drummer and turns out he went to south island school in HK  few years ago...small world...
random sleep facts i learnt from the whc boys on tour::
-josh always gets the worse sleeping space or bed everywhere we go
-ken sleeps the longest and always gets annoyed when we wake him up, but that's given since he's still a growing boy
-stephane can seriously party hard late, but still manages to wake up early for an hour of sun tanning before we go out of the house
-nic crashes early almost everynight and wakes up the earliest just to get his internet time
-and apparently, i snore REALLY LOUD...(yeah, i've even woken myself up sometimes. ha)

audio :: keane - hopes and fears 

:: ephraim 8:51:00 PM [+] ::
:: Saturday, July 03, 2004 ::
greetings everyone...a thousand apologies for a super lack of updates on this site...things have been crazy and at the same time really good in my camp for the last 3 months, mostly involving with whence he came and all...too many things happening all at once, which i won't be going into details, worry not...anyways, right now i'm back in japan again for our first leg of our asia tour followed by a trip down to singapore for the mighty mighty baybeats fest then followed by thailand and malaysia later on...so far, i'm having the time of my life and i wish everyday could be like this. ha...do check out the whence he came tour diary for some daily updates and photo gallery to check up on our summer adventure, i do most of the tour diary entry by the way...things have been doing well, so far so good, shopping and food is nice, last night was a sold out/over capacity show - boy was it packed, and we've been seeing tons of amazing bands...i don't even know why they like us here when they have better local bands to watch. ha...anyways, i'm off, will "try" and update this blog more from time to time...here's to a summer of love, kids...chan neh!!

audio :: this is where we rise - a buddhistson and whence he came collaboration

:: ephraim 7:34:00 PM [+] ::