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:: Monday, January 24, 2005 ::

apologies for the lack of update and activity that's been happenning in this blog...i keep telling myself "need to update, need to update", but alas, the slacker in me seems to know better. ha...a lot of things have happened to me since the last time i've posted (obviously) and i can't be bothered to bore you with tiny details and misadventures in my daily life...but in return for the long silence, i present to you photographies of people, events and good times that's been keeping me busy and entertained for the last few months...click em' and weep...enjoy...oh by the way, i'm doing fine. ha...

::180 christmas party

::new years eve/thirst /early january

::josie and marco's wedding banquet
(*all imagestation albums)

audio :: mondialito - avant la pluie

:: ephraim 11:45:00 AM [+] ::